Product Information Manager : Value Lists


To get access to the  Value Lists, click   - > Setup - > Value Lists (in the Classification section).



Create Value List

To create a new value list, click  .

Enter the Value List ID which is mandatory and the Description in a selected language.

Click to add a description in some other language. Click the language label with the cross to remove the description.

Click  to save a value list or to cancel saving.  

After saving, button becomes available. Click it to open the Value List Items Editor to manage items for the value list.

Classification Group-Dependent Value Lists for Attributes

It is possible to assign different value lists for an attribute depending on the product's classification group the attribute belongs to.

You can configure whether to use the classification group-dependent value list logic for attributes or not by configuration attribute ( -> System -> Configuration Attributes).

For example:

  • There is an attribute 'Color' that is included in 'Shirts' and 'Pants' classification groups.
  • There are 2 sets of color lists available: Value list 1 and Value list 2.

The following value list assignment is possible:

  • When a product is assigned to 'shirts' classification group, it will have value list 1 offered in the Attributes tab of the Product Editor (for example, a list with 'black' and 'white' value list items)
  • When a product is assigned to 'pants' classification group, it will have value list 2 offered (for example, with 'brown' and 'blue' value list items).
  • When a product is assigned to both classification groups, the value list for the attribute in the classification group, which has higher order number than the other classification group, will be used.

Currently, the provisioning of value lists depending on the classification groups is available by using Import Master Data functionality.