Product Information Manager : Value List Items


To get access to the  Value List Items Editor:

  • Click   - > Setup - > Value List Items (in the Classification section)
  • On the Value Lists page, click for a specific list


The Value List Items Editor is designed to manage values and their descriptions that are used in value lists for attributes.

See the Basic Actions page for more info on standard actions with value list items (search, sort, edit, delete etc.).

Create Value List Item

To add a new value list item click the  button.

When you are forwarded to the value list item editor after clicking the button from the Value Lists pages, the Value List field is prefilled with the Description (ID) of the relevant list.

Enter the Value into the relevant field.

Enter language-specific descriptions for the value, if needed.

Enter Description Fallback that will be used in case there is no language-specific description for the value. Description Fallback may be a Term. See Terms for details.

Select Is Default check box, if the value should be used as default in the value list.

Select Status for the value list item (optional). The list of available statuses is configured on the Statuses page.

Value list items with '700' status are highlighted gray in the selection drop-down lists throughout PIM.

Enter the Order No (optional) that determines the alphanumerical order the values appear in the drop-down list on the Attributes tab of the Product Editor.

In case Value List items have Order Number assigned to them, the values (after terms are resolved) in the attributes' grid will be sorted:

  1. By Order Number
    1. Alphabetically by Value (in case order numbers are equal)
  2. By Value
    1. Numerically
    2. Upper case
      1. Alphabetically
    3. Lowercase
      1. Alphabetically

Enter the required information and click  to save the entered value list item or to discard changes.  

After saving, it is impossible to change the value list the value list item is assigned to.