Product Information Manager : Terms of Payment


Click - > Setup - > Terms of Payment (in the  Terms of Business section) to get access to the given functionality.


This function describes proportions of payments that have been previously agreed upon by all parties involved. Payment can be made in the form of funds, assets or services. Terms of payment are used in Contracts.

See the Basic Actions page for more info on standard actions (search, sort, edit, delete etc.).

Create Terms of Payments

Use the  button to create/add new term of payment.

Enter individual payment term in the mandatory  Terms of Payment ID field. An informative description can be provided in the  Description field - e.g. "5 days - 2 %, 5 days net" and Long Description (can be multi-language). Enter  Discount Days 1Discount Days 2Discount Percentage 1Discount Percentage 2 and Net Days if required.

Click  to save the term of payment. Click  to save the changes and proceed to creating a new one. Click to cancel.