Product Information Manager : Report Bug


To access the functionality from the UI, expand the user settings menu in the upper-right corner and click the Report Bug menu item.


Use the Report Bug option to create a standard error report in case of encountering an error.

To have access to the functionality, the user should be granted a permission to the  /errorReport secured resource (in the PROV Permission editor).


The Error Report page consists of the following fields:

  • Problem Type: select the error type from the drop down list (e.g. UI DEFECT, FUNCTIONAL, PERFORMANCE or LOCALIZATION problem etc.).
  • Error Description: use this space to provide a description of the error or problem.
  • Expected Behaviour: use this text area to describe the exact expected workflow.
  • Reproduce (Step-by-Step): this space can be used to reproduce the steps taken.
  • Attach Log File: select the check box to attach a log file. If the check box is selected, Tail Lines field appears to specify the number of tail lines to be included into the log file.

Use the (email) configuration attribute to define the email address of the error report recipient. Two emails are sent to this address: with/without an attachment.

Click the  button after all the necessary data has been entered on the Error Report page to submit the form. A .zip file containing the description and the log file are created.

Additional information, such as the following, is stored automatically:

  • Browser info
  • Environment information of the server and application

ZIP archives are stored on the server (the plugin provides the possibility to configure a path to a folder with archives).

The path to the  folder where error reports are stored is configured in application. The default is workarea/bugReports/<dd-mm-yyyy>.