Product Information Manager : Configuration Attributes


To view and manage the configuration attributes of the application, click - > System - > Configuration Attributes (under the  Configuration section).


Configuration attributes of the application are used to enable/disable parts of the application functionality, set options, switch application modes, etc.

Select Owner from the drop-down menu. Owner can be User, Supplier, Customer. After the selection click the  button to initiate the search.

How to add/update Configuration Attribute Values

For example, you can configure the classification for variant attributes. The default classification is 'VariantAttributes'. Change this value, to set a different classification to define the variant attributes.

It is possible to add a custom validation for the configuration attribute value into the relevant configuration attribute's groovy file.

Owner-specific attributes have  symbol to add user-specific data and define the value.

Select USER, CUSTOMER or SUPPLIER from the drop-down menu and based on the selection, use the  button to search, select and identify the specific User, Customer or Supplier when the respective browser windows open. Click  to save.