Product Information Manager : Contracts


To manage contracts click   - > Setup - > Contracts (in the  Catalogs and Contracts section).



A contract contains agreed prices and controls the visibility of products, catalogs and classification groups which then influence the assortment creation. This functionality enables you to search, create, copy, export and delete contracts and contract related data as well as edit existing contracts.

See the Basic Actions page for more info on standard actions (search, sort, edit, delete etc.).

Create contracts

To add/create a new contract, click  , this will open Contract Editor under the General tab.

General Tab

Information in the Contract Editor's General tab includes basic contract information.  Enter general data for Contract ID (max. length is 100 symbols, should be unique) and select Status from the drop-down list. Both these fields are mandatory.

If required, enter data for the other parameters as well, such as Description, Ext Contract ID, Ext Contract Line ID, Valid Range. Click  to search and select Parent Contract and Contract Category from the respective browsers, select  Currency from the drop-down list.

Click  to save the created contact. This also enables the other tabs of the Contract Editor.

To cancel click .

Catalogs Tab

Click on the Catalogs tab of the editor to manage contracted catalogs data.

It is possible to add catalogs to the contract or remove them on this page. Click  to add contracted catalog entries.  Use  button to open Catalog Editor and manage catalogs.

To delete an entry click  . To edit a contracted catalog, click .

It's possible to add multiple contracted catalogs. 

Customer Tab

Click on the  Customer tab to add customer usage. Use this function to assign customers to contracts.

Click  to add customer usage entries.  Click  to remove the selected assignment.

Click  to save after making the necessary changes or  to cancel the data saving.

Contracts not assigned to customers or suppliers cannot be exported.

Boilerplates Tab

The Boilerplates tab can be used to assign a standard document templates to a contract.

Click to add a new template entry.  Click  to remove the selected assignment.

Click   to save the data after making the necessary changes or  to cancel  the data saving.

See Boilerplates page for details on boilerplates creation.

Supplier Tab

Click on the  Supplier tab to add a supplier usage. Use this function to assign suppliers to contracts.

Click to add a new supplier entry.

Click   to save the information after making the necessary changes or     to cancel the data saving. Click  to remove the selected assignment.

After saving, you will see the newly created supplier on the Supplier tab.

Groups Tab

Click the  Groups tab to add contracted classification group data. 

Click to add new group assignment.  Click  to edit the selected assignment or  to remove it.

Additional Tab

Click the Additional tab to add/edit other contract related information, specifically information concerning:

  • Order
  • Terms
  • Types

Click the  icon to maximize any selected tab or the  icon to minimize it.


Specify order information for the contract in this section, such as contracted amounts, surcharges, minimum value requirement etc. Define Min Order Value if any, select whether a Min Order Value is required or not etc. 



The scope and complexity of a contract will vary depending upon the Type of Contract involved. This section allows you to define the type of a contract.

Select the check boxes to set the contract as StandardPreferred, Frame Contract, Internal or Offer.

Click  to save the entered info. To cancel click .

Create Child

Contracts can be organized hierarchically. Contract hierarchy is used for price determination and is helpful, for example, in case of temporary special offers (discounts for sales etc.). If there are several contracts in a hierarchy, then price will be taken from the child contract of the lowest level.

In case you wan to create a sub-contract of a current contract click  on the Search result page or on the contract editor page.

A contract creation page with predefined parent contract will open.


Click  to get the list of contract revisions.

Click link to see revision details.