Product Information Manager : Supplier Provisioning


To get access to the Supplier Provisioning functionality, click   - > Setup - > Supplier Provisioning (in the Customer/Supplier section).



Supplier Provisioning is the administration of relations between customers and suppliers. It sets up relationships between the customers and suppliers and makes it possible to assign the supplier catalogs to customers.

See the Basic Actions page for more info on standard actions (search, sort, edit, delete etc.).

Create Supplier Provisioning

On the Search page, click to add or create Supplier Provisioning. This opens the Supplier Provisioning editor.

General Tab

Fill in the relevant details for Supplier, Customer or click  to search and select from the respective browser windows. Select Status from the drop-down menu. All these fields are mandatory. Click  to save details for the new supplier provisioning entry or to cancel.

After confirming creation, the Order tab becomes available.

Order Tab

If required, click the  Order tab to add Order Information for the newly created Supplier Provisioning.

To enable automatic scheduling for Goods Receipt generation, define:

  • Waiting Period - scheduling of GR generation which specifies a number of days for the waiting period after which Goods Receipt is to be generated.
  • Limit Amount For Auto Goods Receipt - the limit amount of good receipts which can be generated automatically. No value in the field means no limit.

Enter details, click  to save, click the button for a new supplier provisioning and  to cancel.