Product Information Manager : Script Scheduler


Click  - > System - > Script Scheduler (under the  Configuration section) to get access to the given functionality.

You can also access the Script Scheduler by creating a GroovyScriptJob from the Manage Jobs page.


The Script Scheduler page makes it possible to schedule groovy scripts from the Customization Area.

To fill in the Script path field, either select the script from the Customization Area using the button or type the script path manually.

In case the script you need to schedule contains parameters, that should be set from the UI, enter the appropriate Parameter Key and Parameter Value into Parameters fields.

See the appropriate script to check the parameters set.

You cannot add multiple values for the same parameter key.

Use to enter multiple parameters.

You can set up to 10 parameters via UI.

Click the icon to open the scheduler to set the parameters to schedule the launch and set the number/intervals for the job's execution.

Select Repeating time from the drop down menu. The Repeating option enables the repetition of the process. The available repeat options are:

  • Once
  • Minutely
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Custom Interval
  • Calendar Interval
  • Cron Expression

Use the  icon to select the Date or enter it manually. Enter the Time, click  to confirm, save and exit or  to exit without saving.

Use the icon to reset schedule parameters.

Once the schedule is set, the Execution time field displays the scheduled date and time for execution

Clicking after setting the schedule, includes the job into Scheduled Job section.

You can remove the job from the scheduled job list by clicking .

Clicking without setting any Execution time, immediately starts the job.

After starting the job, you can find it on the Manage Jobs page.