Product Information Manager : Export Master Data


To get access to the  Export Master Data functionality click the Im-/Export menu - > Export Master Data (in the Administration section).


Master data is any information that is considered to play a key role in the core operation of a business.

PIM Master Data Export functionality provides the ability to export various Master Data into Excel spreadsheets.

Master Data Export can be used for:

  • Initial loading of a PIM/Commons instance with Demo or Customer data;
  • Synchronization with other PIM/Commons instances;
  • Doing PIM upgrades;
  • Export into a data warehouse;
  • Export for Business Analysts on the Customer side.
The resulting files can be used for Master Data Import as in Import Master Data.


To export Master Data you have to select Export Type form a drop-down list.

See the information contained in the available for export Master Data Types in the table below:

Business Partner Data Catalog Contract Data Channel Data Classification Data
System Data User Data
  • Tax
  • Address
  • Customer
  • Customer to Address assignment
  • Customer Group
  • Supplier
  • Supplier to Address assignment
  • Supplier Grou p 
  • Supplier Provisioning
  • Contract

  • Contract Description

  • Contract Provisioning

  • Product Catalog
  • Catalog Usage
  • Catalog Provisioning
  • Contract
  • Contract Description
  • Contracted Catalog
  • Contracted Classification Group
  • Contract Usage
  • Contract Provisioning
  • Contract Category  
  • Catalog Category
  • Channels
  • Channels to Attribute Assignment
  • Classification
  • Classification Attributes
  • Compatibility Attributes
  • Classification Group
  • Classification Group Attributes
  • Classification Group Attribute Values
  • Attribute 
  • Attribute Section 
  • Value List
  • Value List Items
  • Unit Of Measure
  • Currency
  • Conversion Rate
  • ISO Language
  • Country
  • Manufacturer   
  • Relation Type
  • Price Type
  • Status
  • Application User
  • User Group
  • User to Group assignment
  • User Role
  • User to Role assignment
  • Catalog User to Supplier assignment
  • Catalog User to Customer assignment
  • Permission
  • Responsibility
  • Responsibility Level
  • Responsibility Action
  • Responsibility Level to Action
  • Management Hierarchy

After the Export Type has been selected you can either schedule or execute export job.

To schedule Master Data Export click and specify the scheduling parameters in the opened popup. Click  to discard the entered data.

Click  to start Master Data Export job execution.

After the execution is finished, Job execution result page will open.

Click the Result link to download the Job execution result.