Product Information Manager : User Manual

Product Information Manager

This User Manual for the Product Information Manager (PIM) application describes the main functionalities and usage of PIM.

The document is intended for the application's users and administrators.

The Product Information Manager (PIM) is a solution designed to create, maintain and distribute product information that is consistent, relevant, complete and easily catalogized and exported. PIM consolidates the product information data structured according to established rules to ensure their quick search, easy update, maintenance and manageability.

  • Search Product and Product Editor allows product information managers to navigate through the products and product details providing the most precise and comprehensive information yet easily editable.

  • The concept of Terms provides new possibilities for consistency and uniformity of product information and its translation into different languages.

As the result, users receive current, consistent, diversified and informative product details available for use for various sales and marketing purposes.

Documentation Structure

The documentation structure mirrors the menu structure of the application, though in some instances, not necessarily in the same order as seen in the interface.

The documentation below describes the latest released PIM version.