Product Information Manager : Countries


To access the Countries editor, click   - > Setup - >  Countries (in the Basic Data section).


Suppliers and customers can belong to many countries, so all details regarding the countries can be made available here.

See the Basic Actions page for more info on standard actions (search, sort, edit, delete etc.).

Create Country

Click   to create/add a new country.

Fill in the details for:

  • Country ID - enter a unique Country ID (e.g. US). This field is mandatory.

Country ID cannot exceed 2 characters.

  • Country Name - enter the name of the country (e.g. United States).
  • Internat Access Code - enter the prefixed telephone dialing code used to dial out of the Country.
  • Foreign Trade Number - enter the trade number.
  • Foreign Trade Type - enter the trade type.
  • Foreign Trade ID - enter the trade ID.
  • Show Diversity Info - select the check box depending on whether to show diversity info or not.

Click  to save the entered country,   to save the changes and proceed creating a new country. Click to cancel.

Only Countries listed here will be considered in the PIM application.