Product Information Manager : Catalogs


To manage Catalogs click   - > Setup - > Catalogs (in the  Catalogs and Contracts section).



Catalogs structure product information by forming units containing specified products. For example, catalogs can be used to create assortment sections or supplier specific catalogs.

The status of catalogs can be important in different areas. It allows you to relatively easily check which catalogs are ready for sale and which have just been imported. It also shows whether or not the import has taken place successfully (to be reviewed in the log files), which catalogs require revision and which need to be removed from the system. Statuses can be freely defined.

See the Basic Actions page for more info on standard actions (search, sort, edit, delete etc.).

Create Catalogs

Click the  button to create a new catalog. This opens the page under the General tab of the catalog editor.

General Tab

Enter Product Catalog ID and select the Catalog Status from the drop-down menu (they are mandatory fields). All other fields are optional.

Catalog ID can only contain alphanumeric characters (letters A-Z, numbers 0-9), hyphens ( - ) and underscores ( _ ), and cannot exceed 50 characters.

Click the  button to save the newly created product catalog.

The following Sections are editable now:

Customer Tab

Click on the  Customer tab to open the Customer Usage section where it is possible to define customer access and extent of access to the catalog. Click the icon to add Customer Usage and the icon to delete the entry.

To edit Customer Usage details, click the  icon which opens the General Tab of the Customers Editor in the Setup menu.

Supplier Tab

Click on the Supplier tab to view, add or edit Supplier details.


Click  to search Supplier.

Click  to confirm the changes.

Catalog provisioning can also be defined on Catalogs tab of Suppliers Editor in the Setup menu.

Use the Search Result link in the top left corner of the editor to return to the Catalog Provisioning search page.

Contracts Tab

Click the Contracts tab to view or edit Contracts information available for current Catalog.

Click at the section bottom to add a new Contract assignment.

Fill in the required parameters:

  • Contract
  • Catalog
  • Visibility
    • Exclude - all the Products from current Catalog will be invisible;
    • Include - all the Products from current Catalog will be visible;
    • No impact;

The other parameters are optional:

  • Discount
  • Timeframe
  • Cost
  • Currency
  • Amount
  • Unit Of Measure

Click  to save the new Product Catalog entry.

On returning to the Product Catalog Editor, the newly added Contract will be displayed under the Contracts section of the Product Catalog editor.

Click  to edit, click  to delete Contracts assignments.

Duplicate / Revise Catalog

To duplicate a catalog click , to do revisions click correspondingly.