Product Information Manager : Compare Products and Product Versions


The access to the Compare Products and Product Versions functionality depends on the objects you want to compare: products or product versions.

Show Versions option is unavailable in case product versioning is disabled (the configuration attribute is set to 'false' during the installation).


To compare products, select products to compare on the Search Product page and click at the bottom of the search results list.

Product Versions

There are 2 ways to compare product versions:

  • On the Search Product page click the arrow  icon on the right from the button and select the Show Versions option.
  • On any tab of the Product Editor click the button in the upper-right corner of the screen and select the Show Versions option.

Select 2 or more product versions to compare using and click the  button.


Compare Products and Product Versions functionality helps in evaluation of similarities and differences between different products and product versions by e.g. comparing the data of the latest product or product version with that of the initial product or product version.

The maximum number of products or product versions to compare is 5.

On the Compare page, all multi-language attribute values are displayed in the Content Language.

Text-table and markdown attribute values are displayed in plain text. Multi-language attribute values with terms and product references are resolved.

The compare page for product versions shows the details of product versions selected for the comparison:

The compare page for products shows the details of products selected for the comparison:

Click to highlight the differences compared to the relevant product or product version.

Click to clear the highlighting of the differences.

Click to remove the product or product version from the comparison.

All products deleted from the comparison can further be restored by clicking  .