Product Information Manager : Units of Measure


To manage the Units of Measure (UoM), click   - > Setup - >  Units of Measure (in the Basic Data section).


The metric Measurement system according to ISO and the international Unit system SI (International System of Units) according to ISO will be used in application. The international common Units of Measure, apart from its general code, can also have different terms in different languages. In order to display these language-dependent terms, they have to be created here.

Example: The code PCE means "Stück" in German, "Piece" in English.

See the Basic Actions page for more info on standard actions (search, sort, edit, delete etc.).

Create UoM

Click   to create new UoM's. The UoM editor will be opened.

Enter data for the mandatory Unit of Measure ID field (e.g. 2P), if required include Symbol (e.g. kB).

Unit of Measure ID cannot exceed 3 characters.

To add  Description in several languages, click  and select the language from the drop-down list. Click   to delete the entry.

Click  to save the data. Click  to save the changes and proceed with creating a new unit of measure. Click to cancel.