Product Information Manager : Catalog Categories


To manage Catalog Categories click   - > Setup - > Catalog Categories (in the  Catalogs and Contracts section).



Catalog Category refers to the organization of Catalog items with specific qualities within a Category. Categories define the organization of Catalog items where each Catalog item appears as a single item within a Category or subcategory.

Categories are like high-level Classifications and Subcategories are more specific. For example, Categories may be organized under various divisions such as Information Technology, Facilities and subcategories may be organized by item type (e.g., Hardware, Office Furniture).

See the Basic Actions page for more info on standard actions (search, sort, edit, delete etc.).

Create Catalog Category

To create/add a Catalog Category, click the  button to open the Catalog Category editor.

Enter  Catalog Category ID which is mandatory and the Description for the Category. Click  to save the newly created Catalog Category.

Use  to cancel and then click the Search Result link in the upper-right corner of the editor to return to the Catalog Category Search page.