Product Information Manager : Search Mapping


To get access to the Mappings functionality click Im-/Export -> Search Mapping (in Mapping section).


The Mappings page gives an overview of existing mappings, allows searching for existing mappings and managing them.

Available search parameters include:

  • Name - enter the mapping name.
  • Created on -  enter the date interval to search for mappings created within it.
  • Created by - enter the name of the user, who created the mapping.

Enter the search parameters, when needed. Click to show the relevant results.

Click to clear the search parameters.

Click  to open the New Mapping page and create a new mapping.

Click the Mapping Name to edit the selected mapping (see step 3 Map of the   New Mapping page).

Click to upload a new file for the existing mapping. It also allows editing and saving the changes under the existing mapping name.

Click to copy the existing mapping with the ability to upload a new file, edit the existing mapping and further save it as a new mapping.

Click to delete the mapping.