Product Information Manager : Customer Groups


To get access to the Customer Group editor, click   - > Setup - > Customer Groups (in the Customer/Supplier section).


It is possible to create Groups (which are called Customer Groups) to categorize customers. The Customer Groups functionality enables users to assign or restrict access to catalogs/contracts based on which group a customer belongs to, such as Retail Customers, Wholesale Customers, etc. All terms and regulations, e.g. price agreements in contracts which are valid for the Customer Group are valid for every customer within the group equally. 

See the Basic Actions page for more info on standard actions (search, sort, edit, delete etc.).

Create Customer Groups

Click  on the customer group search page to open the Customer Group editor and create a new customer group.

Enter a unique  Customer Group ID which is mandatory and the Customer Group  Name. Click  to save the new customer group,   to save the changes and proceed creating a new one and  to return to the search page.