Product Information Manager : Manage Jobs


Click  Im-/Export - > Manage Jobs (in the Jobs section) to manage various jobs.



To search for existing jobs, enter Job Name and/or select Status, Last execution status and Job Group from the drop-down menus and click to initiate search and display search results.

To active button, first select the Job Group from the drop-down list. Once activated, click the button to create a new job.

Click the following buttons of the search results table:

  •  - to execute the selected job;
  • - to see and edit the selected job parameters;

Make the required changes and click  to save the entered parameters, to cancel or to return to the previous page.

  •  - to display Execution/Finish Time, Execution status, Log and Result files.

Click the button on the Job History page to delete the Execution History older than the Execution after date.

Click on the right from to unfold additional actions drop-down:

  • - to make a copy of the selected job;
  •  - to delete a job entry from the search results table;
  •  - to set new scheduler parameters.

To delete several entries simultaneously from the results table - click  check boxes to identify and select the items to be deleted and then click the  button to delete them.

Select the check box displayed in the header section of the results table to select all entries listed and then click the button.

Job Groups

Currently, the following jobs can be executed in PIM via Manage Jobs functionality:

Import Master Data Job

This job imports master data from the file uploaded to the Work Area; see Import Master Data page for more info.

The imported master data file should correspond to the relevant template that can be found in the Work Area in ./common/uploads folder.

Export Master Data Job

This job exports master data from the application into an export EXCEL file, for example, for its update and further re-import. See Export Master Data page for more info.

Products Export Job

This job exports products from the system according to the selected format and export parameters. See Export Products and Prices page for more info.

Products Import Job

This job imports products and prices from the file uploaded to the Work Area; see Import Products and Prices page for more info.

Groovy Script Job

This job executes groovy scripts from the Customization Area; see Script Scheduler page for more info.


This job executes bulk actions on products; see the Action section on the Search Product page for more info.

Only existing jobs of CustomBulkActionJob group can be managed from the Manage Jobs page.

Clicking  for this Job Group forwards you to the Search Product page to start with your product selection.