Product Information Manager : Attribute Sections


Click - > Setup - >  Attribute Sections (in the Classification section) to open the Attribute Sections Editor search page.



Use the Attribute Section editor to create attribute sections for further usage.

See the Basic Actions page for more info on standard actions (search, sort, edit, delete etc.).

Create Attribute Section

To add a new attribute section, click to open the editor. 

Enter the Attribute Section ID into the appropriate field, which is mandatory.

Optionally enter attribute section Description and Long Description. It is possible to add descriptions s in multiple languages.

Enter the Description Fallback to be displayed in case no language-specific Description is available. Terms can be used in Description Fallback. See the Terms page in PIM for more details.

If needed, enter Order No.

The Order Number affects the order, in which the section with its attributes is displayed on the Product Preview page and in the Classification Cockpit in PIM and in the attributes list in the Classification Group Editor.

Click  to save a newly created section. Click to save a newly created section and proceed with the creation of another section. Click  to go to the search page without saving.

Duplicate Attribute Section

Click the option from the  drop-down menu on the search page or the respective  button on the attribute section editor page to create a copy of an existing attribute section. Enter a unique Attribute Section ID on the Duplicate Attribute Section page, click  and then complete editing on the attribute section editor page.