Product Information Manager : Duplicate Product


There are 2 ways to duplicate a product:

  • On the Search Product page click the arrow  icon on the right from the button and select the Duplicate option.
  • On any tab of the Product Editor click the button in the top right corner of the screen and select the Duplicate Product option.


Duplicate Product functionality allows copying a product under a new name but with the product details of the original product.

All duplicated products along with the copied classification groups assignments are also automatically assigned to the classification groups listed (along with the Classification they belong to) in jcatalog.product.default.groups (string) configuration attribute. The classification groups and relevant classifications can be defined as in the example below:

{"basic":["text", "productbasic"],"eClass_5.1.3":["19000000"]}

The default classification groups are 'text', 'productbasic' and 'ProductEnrichmentLevel' of the 'basic' Classification.

Type the Product ID for a new product and enter the Product catalog or click  to select it from  Search for Product Catalogs page.

Click to show the documents associated with the Product you want to duplicate in DAM.

Click to see the Product Preview.

Click to return to the Search Product page.

Click  to save the new duplicated product.

Compatibilities are not copied to the duplicate product.