Product Information Manager : Search Filter


To get access to the given functionality click the Products menu - > the Search Filter menu item.



There is an ability to save the search parameters entered in the Advanced search section of the Product Search page as a search filter and use the given filters in the future for the quick product search.

On the Search Filter page you can see the list of the available search filters and perform the product search according to the selected filter.

Execute Search

Click the button of the appropriate search filter in the right column of the Search Filter page to execute the search by the parameters saved in the filter.

The Product Search page with the corresponding search results will be displayed.

Create Search Filter

You can create a Search Filter in the Advanced Search section of the Search Product page.

Enter the desired search parameters to filter the search results and click the button to create a search filter. The Save Search Query Dialog will be displayed.

Fill in the Name and Description fields and click the button to save the created search filter. Click to close the pop-up.

See the Search Product page for more info.

Favorite Searches

To make frequently used searches easy, it is possible to mark a search as favorite by clicking in the relevant row under Favorites

After clicking the star becomes black showing the search query is marked as Favorites.

The links to favorite search queries will appear in Search Filter widget in PIM Cockpit Dashboard.

It is possible to configure the Search Filter widget to show not only favorite but ordinary saved search queries as well.

It is possible to mark multiple search queries as Favorites.

Delete Search Filter

To delete the selected search filter click the option of the appropriate  drop-down (next to the button) on the Search Filter page.