Product Information Manager : Channels


To access the Channel Editor, click  - > Setup - >  Channels (in the Classification section).



The Channel Editor can be used to define attributes valid for a channel, meaning which attributes will be exported to a specific channel and specifying order of attributes for a channel. The "channel" concept has impact on the product export/preview.

See the Basic Actions page for more info on standard actions (search, sort, edit, delete etc.).


Create Channel

Click  to add a new channel.

Two tabs are available:

  • General
  • Attributes

General Tab

Enter the following data:

  • Channel ID (mandatory)
  • Description
  • Image

Click  to save a new channel,  to save current data and proceed to the creation of the another channel or  to discard all the changes.

Attributes Tab

On the Attributes tab, you can manage attributes, assigned to the channels. These attributes in the defined order will be exported to the selected channel.

Click  to select and assign new attribute to the channel. Attributes search page will open.

Select the required attributes with and click  to add the selected attributes to the list of assignments.

Click to edit attribute properties.

Click to remove attribute to channel assignment.

Click  to confirm corrections.