Product Information Manager : Product Relation Types


Click - > Setup - >  Product Relation Types (in the Basic Data section) to get access to the Product Relation Types functionality.



Products can be related to each other in various ways - e.g. as upgrades, accessories, or extensions. Product relation types editor is designed to define such relations.

See the Basic Actions page for more info on standard actions (search, sort, edit, delete etc.).

Create Product Relation Type

General tab

To add a new product relation type, click the  button. This will open the product relation type editor under the  General tab of the editor. Fill in the parameters as required.

  • Product Relation Type ID: enter a unique ID of product relation type. This field is mandatory.

  • Is System Defined: select Yes or No from the drop-down list to determine whether the relationship between the products is defined by the system or not and hence may or may not be modified.

  • Order No.: enter the Oder No. to define the order this Product Relation Type appears in OPC on Product Details page and the order of the products with the relevant Relation type in Relations section of the Product Preview in PIM. It also defines the order of Product Relations Types on the Search Product Relation Type page.
  • Description: enter the product relation type description, if necessary. Description can be multilingual.

Click  to save the product relation type,  to save the changes and proceed creating a new type, click  to cancel.

Additional tab

Use the Additional tab to add additional data such as Source Target Name and Target Source Name. It is also possible to enter data for these parameters in several languages.  

Click  to insert an additional field and select the desired language from the drop-down list. Click   to delete the entry.

 Click  to save the product relation type,  to save the changes and proceed creating a new one, click  to cancel.