Product Information Manager : Prices


To get access to the Prices tab, you can use the following options:

  • On the Product Search page:
    • Click to open the Product Editor on the Master Data tab, then click the Prices tab.
    • Click the icon (next to ) to open the Prices tab directly.
  • On the Product Preview page:
    • Click the icon (next to ) and select the Prices option.



The Prices tab of Product Editor provides prices for contracted products.

See the Common Toolbar section of the Product Editor page for more info on the generic actions.

You can filter assigned Prices using the respective fields at the top of each column. For this enter the desired value in the input field or select it from the drop-down list, if possible.

Add Price

To add a new contracted price for a product, click the  button at the bottom of the grid.

Enter Contract details or search using the  icon.

Select Price Type, when necessary.

Select the Variant from the drop-down to assign the Price to the selected product variant.

Input data/values for valid From Quantity and Price Unit. The From Quantity allows creating tiered prices for the product depending on the ordered quantities.

Select Currency and Status from the drop-down list.

In case a product can be sold only by preset batches or starting from a specified quantity, set From Quantity on a Prices tab and also specify Min Quantity in the Additional Information section of the Assortments tab.

Click  to save the new contracted price after all the details have been added.

Edit / Delete Price

Select the price to be edited from the grid and click the corresponding icon under the Actions column of the grid to edit the price.

The following fields cannot be edited: Contract, Price Type, Variant, Currency, From Quantity and Valid From/To.

When editing a price entry, a new Audit Info section appears. Expand the section to track who and when made the last changes to the entry.

Click the  icon under the Actions column of the grid to delete a contracted price from the list.

Select the appropriate check boxes and click  to delete chosen entries.